64 Photoshop Lighting Brushes

 64 Photoshop Lighting Brushes 1479243

This brush package contains various types of high resolution brushes that I often used for doing some lighting on images

Perfect Pencils - Brush pack

Perfect Pencils - Brush pack 1186269

Create perfect pencil illustrations quickly, easily and digitally! You asked, I delivered! This exciting pack is the result of all your requests for a brush pack that doesn't stretch when strokes are elongated. With this set you can use just one brush to create a range of stroke lengths without having to switch brushes - making drawing quicker and much more like the real thing. Don't just take my word for it, here's what the designers and artists who tested the pack for me have to say about it

Guerillacraft - 1950s Artist Brush Pack

Guerillacraft - 1950s Artist Brush Pack

1950s Artist Brush Pack contains 19 seamless pattern based brushes and 20 art brushes for Adobe Illustrator. 39 vector brushes! Inspired by 1950s illustration I made these brushes by using ink, old brushes and my fingers. You can use these brushes for vector paintings and line art too. Scanned in high-resolution, cleaned and turned to vector. Best thing with these brushes is that you are not restricted by length of the stroke. You can draw different lines and they will be look same. It takes some time to create that brush, but it’s really useful for longer lines or textured shape borders. In this brush pack you can find 19 brand new seamless brushes. If you are using Adobe Illustrator CC, you can apply seamless brushes to shapes with one click and you will add nice textures without gap. All seamless brushes are in two version - normal and mirror. It saves you time and speed your workflow. Feel free to use brushes with Width tool - it gives you more and better options how to handle them. For version of CS6 - CS3 there is PDF with tutorial how to avoid gaps in shapes (this version do not contains corner tiles) Furthermore, I created 20 high-quality and detailed finger-smudged and expressive art brushes. You can use them for line-art or adding textures to your vector illustrations or use them as a part of your design work.

Lettering Brushes for Procreate

 Lettering Brushes for Procreate 1488827

PDF, All Files


20 pattern brushes

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20 pattern brushes

20 pattern brushes 1234464

Set of 20 pattern brushes for Illustrator. These brushes can be used to create frames, borders, decorative elements, seamless borders, headers, divider, frames with corner elements, ornaments. You can use them to design cards, invitations, labels ... or add it to any design you make. Easy to adjust. Apply it to any path, circle, square corner shape, waves, curves. You can easily change the stroke color or weight to customize the final appearance of the decorative border. All brushes have outer and inner corner tiles to create square and rectangular frames. See on the screenshots 3, 4 and 5 the brushes that are included in the download.


RM Digi Markers 1254361

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RM Digi Markers 1254361

RM Digi Markers 1254361

RM Digi Markers™ 7.0 brushes for Photoshop CS5+ CC+ This is our new arranged pack for those, who prefer just markers instead of all the bundle. Dozen of Well-tuned digital markes by our gfx engeneer will let you to have some nice brushes set which will let you draw some marker sketches with pleasure and fun in Photoshop. And one special Blender marker brush preset for SMUDGE TOOL will let you to mix(dissolve) between colors with fast and handy way!

Watercolor Illustrator Art Brushes

 Watercolor Illustrator Art Brushes 1219225

Set of 18 Hand Drawn Watercolor Art Brushes for Adobe Illustrator. Give your work a handmade feel with this set of watercolor textured brushes. These vector and PNG brushes are high resolution (300 dpi) and therefore suitable for print and web projects. Each watercolor illustration was hand painted onto watercolor paper before being digitized and made into these beautiful brushes. With these brushes are color and shape adjustable. You can easily create flexible hand-drawn watercolor strokes. Simply draw a path of any shape or size and apply one of the brushes to get instant results that you can edit with ease (reshape and resize, change colors).

Effect & Image Enhancing gradients

Effect & Image Enhancing gradients 428732

https://creativemarket.com/RobertBRK/70 Gradients for your daily use. These are really good for images, for enhancing them, adding effects, for adding them a bit of style. However, you can use them for other purposes as well, creativity knows no limits. The showcase image was enhanced with the help of these gradients. You can do a lot of things and styles, it depends on the way you are experimenting with them.28732-Effect-Image-Enhancing-gradients


Watercolor Brush Set

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Watercolor Brush Set

Watercolor Brush Set 1196880

15 Watercolor Stamp Brushes I've been plugging away trying to customize a unique set of authentic watercolor square brushes in the last month and finally settled on this fun set! The possibilities are endless! This is perfect for artists of all kinds! Designers, fashion designers, illustrators, hobbyists and crafters! Great for branding projects or creating your own UNIQUE patterns and art, whether personal or commercial work - this is a great set for you to assist you in your wonderful creations!

Arty Farty Frames & PS Brushes

Arty Farty Frames & PS Brushes 1209292

This collection of 8 fabulous Arty Farty Frames and Photoshop Brushes are a funky set of frames perfect for a wide variety of uses. Each Arty Farty Frame is large in size (approx 12") for maximum usage options, perfect for all those arty creative projects! Included is a black .png version of each Arty Farty Frame and the .abr Photoshop brush set in both legacy and CS6+ versions.